WELCOME TO THE BLOG! With over 140 interviews logged to date, I love nothing more than getting the chance to talk to authors about their books, the writing process, what they've learned navigating the publishing journey, and even picking their brains on craft-related topics (such as how to write distinct POVs and world-building tips). They've taught me so much! I hope you enjoy reading through these amazing interviews as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

Coming to the Blog in January!

It's almost 2018 and I can't believe I'm writing the 'Coming to the Blog' post for January, but here it is! The New Year is a time of new beginnings, and so I think it's only fitting that the featured authors for next month are all debuts. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some awesome Q&A's with RACHEL LYNN SOLOMON, LYNDSAY ELY, and JOANNA RUTH MEYER. They'll discuss their brand-new releases, writing life, and I'll be picking their brains for advice on topics such as genre meshing, multi-POV, and how to craft the right vibe for your book. Come for the craft tips. Stay for the inspiration. To learn more about specific titles, click on the links under the graphic and add them to your Goodrea

Author Spotlight: Liana Liu talks Shadow Girl

​​ Liana Liu is on the blog today with her YA paranormal, SHADOW GIRL, which was released just yesterday (and sounds amazing!!!!!). Check out this Gothic-lovers-dream description from Goodreads below: The house on Arrow Island is full of mystery. Yet when Mei arrives, she can’t help feeling relieved. She’s happy to spend the summer in an actual mansion tutoring a rich man’s daughter if it means a break from her normal life—her needy mother, her delinquent brother, their tiny apartment in the city. And Ella Morison seems like an easy charge, sweet and well behaved. What Mei doesn’t know is that something is very wrong in the Morison household. Though she tries to focus on her duties, M

Ambient Mixes Inspired by Books: Vol. 1

​​ Hello, writers! So, last week I wrote a post that featured various sites and apps that storytellers can use to listen to ambient playlists while they work, so if you missed that, check it out here: Mood Music: The Best Ambient Playlists for Writers. I had so much fun building the list, I decided to go the extra step and use one of my recommendations ( in order to construct and save my own book-inspired playlists. Not only is the Ambient-Mixer library available online, but there's also a handy app so you can listen on-the-go, or even have a mix playing through your phone at your bedside table to help you sleep. I'm hoping to do more of these book-inspired mixes in the fut

Author Spotlight: Laura Creedle talks The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

​​ So excited to have author, Laura Creedle on the blog today! Laura was a 2015 Pitch Wars mentee with The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily which hits shelves on December 26th! In preparation for her debut, I invited her to do a little Q&A so that we can learn more about Laura, her book, and her writing style. But first, check out this awesome quote from Kirkus about The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily! Hi, Laura! Welcome and congrats on the release of The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily. Can you tell us a little about the story and the inspiration behind it? Hi Megan. I was in a graduate level reading program and I wasn’t doing very well in school. I’m dyslexic and ADHD, and the program h

Mood Music: The Best Ambient Playlists for Writers

​​ Many studies have shown that music has positive effects on our bodies. Among other things, it is said to reduce pain, lower anxiety, increase motivation, and enhance blood flow. There’s even an entire branch of research devoted to this called neuromusicology, in which scientists explore the ways music influences the different areas of the brain. While I tend to listen to music with lyrics when I write—and I definitely create lyric-based playlists for my stories—ambient music is an essential tool in my #amwriting arsenal. Not only does it help me focus, but it really helps when I’m trying to dig into the vibe of a story. By filling my ears with the noises that are (or could be!) happening

Author Spotlight: Erin Summerill talks Ever the Brave

​​ Today is the best because I get to host Erin Summerill on the blog! In addition to writing, and being one of the nicest people in all of YA, Erin is also a professional photographer (seriously—go check out her Instagram—it's gorgeous!). Her debut, Ever the Hunted launched in 2016, and she's following it up with the release of Ever the Brave which hits shelves TODAY! So please join me in wishing her the happiest of book birthdays! :) Hi, Erin! Welcome and congrats on Ever the Brave. Can you tell us a little about this sequel and the challenges Britta will face? I’m so excited for it to come out! Britta will face old enemies and one new one that she never expected. While she’s not battling

Coming to the Blog in December!

We're nearing the end of the year and I'm super thankful to be wrapping up my 2017 interviews with these three lovely authors! Stay tuned for Q&A's this December with ERIN SUMMERILL, LAURA CREEDLE, and LIANA LIU. They'll be discussing their latest releases, writing life, and there will be storytelling advice, too. Come for the craft tips. Stay for the inspiration. To learn more about specific titles, click on the links below and add them to your Goodreads list! Tuesday, December 5: Erin Summerill and EVER THE BRAVE Monday, December 18: Laura Creedle and THE LOVE LETTERS OF ABELARD AND LILY Wednesday, December 20: Liana Liu and SHADOW GIRL ​​ ​

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