WELCOME TO THE BLOG! With over 140 interviews logged to date, I love nothing more than getting the chance to talk to authors about their books, the writing process, what they've learned navigating the publishing journey, and even picking their brains on craft-related topics (such as how to write distinct POVs and world-building tips). They've taught me so much! I hope you enjoy reading through these amazing interviews as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

Coming to the Blog in February!

I'm so excited to be featuring upcoming in-depth interviews this February with ADALYN GRACE, HANNAH CAPIN, and ALECHIA DOW! These authors have written some truly amazing books and I can't wait to share what they have to say about writing, their new releases, and more! To learn more about the titles featured this month, click on the links beneath the graphic and add them to your Goodreads list today! Wednesday, February 5: Adalyn Grace and ALL THE STARS AND TEETH Monday, February 10: Hannah Capin and FOUL IS FAIR Wednesday, February 26: Alechia Dow and THE SOUND OF STARS

Author Spotlight: Rebecca McLaughlin talks NAMELESS QUEEN

I'm thrilled welcome Rebecca McLaughlin on today's blog! Rebecca graduated in 2014 with a BA in Chemistry and English Creative Writing. Since then, she has worked as a technical writer in Michigan. NAMELESS QUEEN is her debut novel. When not working or crafting stories, Rebecca can be found practicing her knife-throwing skills or seeking out the perfect cup of coffee. She wrote NAMELESS QUEEN because she grew up lower-middle class (which was not ideal), went to a private college (which was weird), and made good friends along the way (which was wonderful). She realized that exploring the social and economic divide is difficult, but magic makes that exploration easier—or at least more entertai

Author Spotlight: Isabel Ibañez talks WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT

I'm so excited to welcome Isabel Ibañez as the first author on the 2020 blog! Born and raised in Boca Raton to a pair of Bolivian immigrants, Isabel is hands-down one of the most creative people in the author community. In addition to writing, Isabel is also a successful graphic designer, specializing in greeting cards. Her work has been sold nationwide to brands like Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, and Paper Source, and can be found in over 350 mom and pop shops around the country. To take a look at recent designs, check out 9th Letter Press, a company she founded and sold in 2017. WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT is Isabel's debut novel------a YA fantasy inspired by the richness of Bolivia, is availabl

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