WELCOME TO THE BLOG! With over 140 interviews logged to date, I love nothing more than getting the chance to talk to authors about their books, the writing process, what they've learned navigating the publishing journey, and even picking their brains on craft-related topics (such as how to write distinct POVs and world-building tips). They've taught me so much! I hope you enjoy reading through these amazing interviews as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

Coming to the Blog in April!

April is here almost here and it's full of amazing YA books! I'm thrilled to be featuring upcoming in-depth interviews with authors JOAN HE, ERIN HAHN, CHRISTINE LYNN HERMAN, and SWATI TEERDHALA. They'll all be stopping by the blog to talk about writing, their upcoming releases, and more! To learn more about the titles featured this month, click on the links beneath the graphic and add them to your Goodreads list today! Wednesday, April 10: Joan He and DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE Friday, April 12: Erin Hahn and YOU'D BE MINE Wednesday, April 17: Christine Lynn Herman and THE DEVOURING GRAY Wednesday, April 24: Swati Teerdhala and THE TIGER AT MIDNIGHT

Author Spotlight: Julia Nobel talks The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

I'm super excited to be featuring Julia Nobel on today's blog! Julia is a middle grade author from Victoria, Canada. Her childhood obsession with The Babysitters Club turned into a lifelong passion for reading and writing children’s literature. She offers writing masterclasses and courses for writers in all genres, and was a Pitch Wars Mentor in 2017. Her debut middle grade novel, The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane is the first in an exciting new series and it's available now from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. Indulge in the synopsis below! The first in an exciting new series, this suspenseful debut brings readers on a journey filled with secrets, mystery, and unforgettable characters. With a dad w

Megan Write Now: Tips on Processing Feedback

So you sent your novel out to betas and critique partners and now you're buried in a mountain of feedback! Congrats! do you process it all? Check out TIPS ON PROCESSING FEEDBACK for steps and a little bit of real talk. For more advice on all things writing, subscribe to my authortube channel at: I post videos 1-2 times per week! ​​ ​

Megan Write Now: Creativity After a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

This week marks the 12-year anniversary since my traumatic brain injury (TBI), and a lot has happened. Here in CREATIVITY AFTER A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, I talk a little about unforeseen setbacks and the fear of losing my storytelling spark. It's my hope this video finds it's way to the people who need it most. For more advice on all things writing, subscribe to my authortube channel at: I post videos 1-2 times per week! ​​ ​

Author Spotlight: Sarah Everett talks No One Here is Lonely

I'm so excited to be featuring Sarah Everett on today's blog! Sarah grew up in enchanted forests, desert islands, and inside a magical wardrobe. She speaks two Nigerian languages and a small amount of Afrikaans, and was also president of her high school’s Japanese club (which was only slightly less nerdy than it sounds). She now lives in Alberta, Canada, where she moonlights as a graduate student and writes young-adult novels. Her second novel, No One Here is Lonely, released from Knopf Books for Young Readers in February. Check out the synopsis below! Our entire lives are online, but what if the boy you love actually lives there? For fans of Adam Silvera comes a story about the future of re

Megan Write Now: There is no 'Perfect' in Writing

Is perfectionism weighing you down when it comes to drafting your book? If so, you are not alone! Check out THERE IS NO 'PERFECT' IN WRITING for tips on how to train your brain to value practice over perfect. :) For more advice on all things writing, subscribe to my authortube channel at: I post videos 1-2 times per week! ​​ ​

Author Spotlight: Rati Mehrotra talks Mahimata (Asiana #2)

I'm so happy to be featuring Rati Mehrotra on today's blog! Born and raised in India, Rati now lives in Toronto where she writes novels, short fiction, and blogs at Her first book, Markswoman, was published in January 2018 and the follow-up to that duology hit shelves this week! If a post-apocalyptic fantasy-Asia sounds like something you'd love to read more about, check out the synopsis for Mahimata below. A young female assassin must confront the man who slaughtered her family, risk her heart, and come to terms with her identity as a warrior and as a woman in this thrilling fantasy from Rati Mehrotra, the author of Markswoman. Kyra has returned to the caves of Kali, but her

Megan Write Now: My #1 Tip for a Successful Plot Twist

One of the best things in a book is a plot twist done well. WHAT'S MY #1 TIP FOR A SUCCESSFUL PLOT TWIST? Watch this video to find out! For more videos on all things writing, visit my authortube channel at: ​​ ​

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