WELCOME TO THE BLOG! With over 140 interviews logged to date, I love nothing more than getting the chance to talk to authors about their books, the writing process, what they've learned navigating the publishing journey, and even picking their brains on craft-related topics (such as how to write distinct POVs and world-building tips). They've taught me so much! I hope you enjoy reading through these amazing interviews as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

Author Spotlight: Brittney Morris talks Slay

I'm thrilled to welcome Brittney Morris on today's blog! In her fantastic debut, SLAY, Brittney explores the intersectional issues of social justice,community, and diaspora that will resonate with anyone who has questioned who they are and where they fit into the world. In addition to writing kick-ass books, Brittney is also the founder and former president of the Boston University Creative Writing Club. SLAY is available now from Simon Pulse. Check out the synopsis below! Ready Player One meets The Hate U Give in this dynamite debut novel that follows a fierce teen game developer as she battles a real-life troll intent on ruining the Black Panther–inspired video game she created and the saf

Author Spotlight: Megan Cooley Peterson talks The Liar's Daughter

I'm over the moon excited to welcome Megan Cooley Peterson on today's blog! Megan is hands-down one of the most talented writers I know and her debut is MUST READ for YA thriller fans! Broken into 'before' chapters that show the main character's life inside the cult, and 'after' chapters that show her after she's been taken out, this THE LIAR'S DAUGHTER is a masterclass in pacing and weaving together some very tricky puzzle pieces! THE LIAR'S DAUGHTER is available now from Holiday House, Inc. Check out the synopsis below! Piper was raised in a cult. She just doesn't know it. Seventeen-year-old Piper knows that Father is a Prophet. Infallible. The chosen one. She would do anything for Father.

Megan Write Now: STEEL TIDE Playlist

Guess what comes out tomorrow!!!!! It's the highly anticipated Book 2 in the SEAFIRE trilogy------STEEL TIDE by Natalie C. Parker! Thanks go out to the incredible team at Pengiun for sending me an early copy so that I could gobble it up and make this amazing playlist for you all. If you liked the playlist I put together for SEAFIRE, you're going to love the one I cooked up for STEEL TIDE! Check out the synopsis for STEEL TIDE, and be sure to listen to (and share!) the Spotify playlist below. I had so much fun putting this one together! STEEL TIDE: THE BOOK The second book in a heart-stopping trilogy that follows the captain of an all-female ship intent on taking down a vicious warlord's powe

Author Spotlight: Page Morgan talks The Last Huntsman

I'm thrilled to welcome Page Morgan to today's blog! Page is a long-time friend, and one of my favorite authors ever. Her young adult gothic thrillers THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CURSED, THE LOVELY AND THE LOST, and THE WONDROUS AND THE WICKED, have been critically acclaimed by Booklist, Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus, School Library Journal, VOYA, and The Bulletin. And her latest book, THE LAST HUNTSMAN, is a reimagining of the Huntsman and Magic Mirror from the tale of Snow White! THE LAST HUNTSMAN is available now. Check out the synopsis below! No women. No children. No torture. The Huntsman has his rules. For years, Tobin has done his emperor's bidding, eliminating threats to the Empire of Morvans

Megan Write Now: SEAFIRE Playlist

Have you read SEAFIRE by Natalie C. Parker? If I had to sum this book up in one blurb, it would be this: a breathtaking feminist pirate story! And it lends itself perfectly to that sort of suspenseful, hard-hitting, and emotional music that I love. So, what's a reader to do? Create a book playlist, of course! Check out my playlist below, but first, here's a synopsis for anyone who hasn't read SEAFIRE yet. SEAFIRE: THE BOOK A warlord killed Caledonia's parents and kidnapped her brother. Now, on the deadly Bullet seas, Captain Caledonia Styx and her all-female crew are ready for revenge. "This is Mad Max by way of Davy Jones, a high-energy, breathless adventure [about] a group of damaged girls

Author Spotlight: Kim Chance talks Seeker + Enter to Win a Signed Copy!

I'm thrilled to be featured in the SEEKER BLOG TOUR, organized by The Fantastic Flying Book Club! Kim Chance is one of my favorite people on the planet, and SEEKER is the ultimate follow-up to her debut, KEEPER. Check out the synopsis below, and be sure to enter via the rafflecopter link at the end of this interview for a chance to win a signed copy of SEEKER! Lainey’s normal, bookworm life no longer exists. With her family murdered by the Master, she joins forces with a group of Supernatural rebels. But as she struggles to cope with her new role as Keeper and the uncontrollable power it gives her, Lainey realizes that magic does indeed leave a mark—but it’s not always physical. Ty isn’t one

Author Spotlight: Annie Sullivan talks Tiger Queen

I'm so happy to welcome Annie Sullivan on today's blog! Annie is one of the most upbeat and energetic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her debut, A Touch of Gold, released last year (it's amazing---read more on that here!), and when she's not writing, she’s busy teaching classes at the Indiana Writers Center and working as the Copy Specialist at the John Wiley and Sons, Inc. publishing company, where she has also performed in Editorial and Publicity roles. TIGER QUEEN, her second novel, is available on September 10th from Blink YA Books. Check out the synopsis below! In the mythical desert kingdom of Achra, an ancient law forces sixteen-year-old Princess Kateri to fight in the

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