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Young Adult - Fantasy

My current work-in-progress is an epic Young Adult fantasy about a girl with ever-changing tattoos who chooses to fight her way through an enchanted forest to save her town from a force that’s reversed the clocks. HINTERLAND was selected from over 2,000 entries to to be mentored in Pitch Wars 2016, though due to unforeseen circumstances, the manuscript did not participate in the agent round. Status: Revising

For more images, check out my HINTERLAND inspiration board here on Pinterest.

Click the image above to be transported to my custom ambient playlist for HINTERLAND via This mix includes notes of atmospheric music, ravens, a clock, walking through leaves, fire, and howling. 

Click the image above to listen to my HINTERLAND inspired playlist on Spotify. Featured artists include: Elle King, Hailey Gardner, Florence + The Machine, and more.

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