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A little more about me (hint: math was never my thing)

​​Math was never my thing. Ask anyone—I was, and always will be, a creative writing kind of girl. I'm a BIG TIME daydreamer and I LOVE BOOKS! As a kid, I pestered my mom to read to me so many times she finally broke down and recorded herself so that I could listen to my favorite story at will (I'm thinking she may have she pioneered the whole 'books on tape' thing).

Fast forward, and I'm working full-time on my first novel, a Young Adult fantasy about a girl with ever-changing tattoos who must travel through an enchanted forest to save her town from a force that's reversed the clocks. So far, the process has been demanding, fulfilling, thrilling, and it's driven me to the edge thinking 'what the heck am I doing?' a few times. I've been overrun with joy, doubt, and (yes) even moments when I felt immense pride in myself. Regardless of the highs and lows, I still look forward to sitting down and writing every day.

It's been said that if you want to write a novel and you can imagine doing something else, then by all means—do the something else. The path to publication is a grueling one, and not just for aspiring authors, but for multi-published authors as well. And yet, here I am... writing, writing, writing because it's what I do.

I hope to use this blog as a way to give back, and to connect with all the other people out there for whom writing is it and there is no ‘something else.’


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