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How to Make a Novel Aesthetics Slideshow


Novel aesthetic boards and collages are a huge source of inspiration for most writers, but did you ever wish they were a bit more dynamic? That instead of looking at a static board, there was a an easy way to collect and cycle the pictures instead?

Check out the pros and cons below as I show you how I used GIPHY to turn a collection of photos and quotes into an atmospheric slideshow.

Many of you are probably already familiar with this site as the go-to place to find gifs, but it also lets you create your own gifs and mini slideshows!

My Process:

Instead of just using pictures, I decided to try something a little more difficult and create a slideshow for my WIP using photos, and quotes pulled from my WIP. In order to do this, I first had to create a graphic for each quote (you can do this using free versions of sites like PicMonkey, Canva, and Pixlr Editor).

After you get the image the way you want it, save, and upload to GIPHY, and follow their step-by-step instructions for creating a slideshow here: How To Use GIPHY Slidehow.

Note: If you're only using photos-----like the ones you might keep on a Pinterest inspiration board-----and you don't want to alter them, the process is MUCH more streamlined. Just click and upload the photos to GIPHY.


  • Quick to create. Upload photos, arrange, and choose whatever filter suits your fancy.

  • Easy to share on social media/embed in website.

  • Images will keep looping.


  • Crops larger photos to fit their dimensions.

  • The more photos you add, the less 'airtime' they're allowed in the loop.

Here's an example of the gif slideshow I created with GIPHY for my WIP.

I hope you enjoyed this little rec! Feel free to comment, and if you happen to create a gif slideshow for your WIP, I want to see it! Don't forget to tag me on Twitter at @meganklacroix.

And, as always,


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