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Ambient Mixes Inspired by Books: Vol. 1


Hello, writers! So, last week I wrote a post that featured various sites and apps that storytellers can use to listen to ambient playlists while they work, so if you missed that, check it out here: Mood Music: The Best Ambient Playlists for Writers.

I had so much fun building the list, I decided to go the extra step and use one of my recommendations ( in order to construct and save my own book-inspired playlists. Not only is the Ambient-Mixer library available online, but there's also a handy app so you can listen on-the-go, or even have a mix playing through your phone at your bedside table to help you sleep.

I'm hoping to do more of these book-inspired mixes in the future, but for now Volume 1 includes four of my favorite reads from 2017. (note: Keeper, and The Hazel Wood were ARCs, but they both release very soon on Jan 30th!).

KEEPER by Kim Chance

This ambient playlist was inspired by Kim Chance's KEEPER, out January 30, 2018 from FLUX Books! The blend I created is slightly spooky and atmospheric, with a mixture of inside and outside noises.

Notes include: chimes, clock, lightning, crackling fire, ambient music, whispers, paper shuffling.

ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen M. McManus

For those who prefer to be cocooned in the din of a cafe, I think you'll also enjoy this background mix inspired by ONE OF US IS LYING, the NYT Bestseller by Karen M. McManus!

Notes include: footsteps, student chatter, lockers closing, and an occasional siren (of course!).


This calming mix of ambient sounds was so fun to create, and is inspired by Emily Bain Murphy's beautiful debut, THE DISAPPEARANCES.

Notes include: fireplace, chatter, 1940s music, shuffling papers, scribbling, grandfather clock.

THE HAZEL WOOD by Melissa Albert

This eerie atmosphere was inspired by Melissa's Albert's gorgeously unsettling book, THE HAZEL WOOD (out on January 30, 2018 with Flatiron Books).

Notes include: walking through leaves, crow, wings flapping, ghostly sounds, whispers.

I hope you enjoyed these book-inspired atmospheres as much as I enjoyed creating them! Feel free to leave a comment here or @ me over on Twitter at @meganklacroix and let me know what you think. And if you create your own atmosphere, please share! :)

And, as always,


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