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Coming to the Blog in February!

Winter 2018 is packed with some truly amazing new releases and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share more about these authors (and their books!) on MeganWriteNow. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for in-depth Q&A's with SARAH GLENN MARSH, KIM CHANCE, GLORIA CHAO, and KAMILLA BENKO (my first MG spotlight!). They'll discuss their books, writing life, and I'll be asking for insight on topics as varied as characters and sexual identity, booktubing, YA in a college setting, and how to craft an authentic MG voice.

Come for the craft tips. Stay for the inspiration.

To learn more about specific titles, click on the links beneath the graphic and add them to your Goodreads list!

Thursday, February 1:

Sarah Glenn Marsh and REIGN OF THE FALLEN

Friday, February 2:

Kim Chance and KEEPER

Wednesday, February 7:

Gloria Chao and AMERICAN PANDA

Monday, February 12:

Kamilla Benko and THE UNICORN QUEST


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